Chi siamo

At the beginning of the company there is a man, Antonio Costa, with a white mustache and the name of the biblical Job, which the company Teo Costa was as the spark for the bonfire on the hill. The nickname has been attributed to the biblical great tenacity and patience he had. The Farm Costa towards the end of 1800 has become a reality concrete and exciting. Today, the company has assets of 50 hectares of vineyards with about 230,000 screws fruit. Today the Cru carefully selected and implanted are located both in Roero and Langa: Castellinaldo and Castagnito on the left side of the Tanaro river and Treiso and Novello on the right.

Dad Antonio and mom Mariuccia dealing with the agricultural side, the brothers Marco and Roberto Theobald of the part related to winemaking, bottling and marketing. Nicoletta Marcellio Costa, wife of Roberto, instead following tastings in the company. Ferruccio Aliberti, on the other hand deals with the marketing. Of course the family staff is not enough so we are fortunate to have good people who help and support us. Isabella, Viviana and Manuel Antonio on the other hand, represent the future.