Who we are

The Azienda Agricola Teo Costa, is located in the Roero, in the municipality of Castellinaldo d'Alba that in recent years has been characterized by great liveliness and territorial dynamism.
At the beginning of the company there is a man, Antonio Costa, with a white mustache and the biblical name: Giobbe, which for the company Teo Costa was like the spark for the bonfire on the hill. The nickname was attributed to him for the great tenacity and biblical patience he had. The Costa farm in the late 1800s has thus become a concrete and exciting reality.

With the passage of time, many things have changed: one after the other, generations and peculiarities have alternated. First the zootechny, then the breeding of the pigs and finally the promiscuous peaches with the vineyard.
The property has gradually expanded and the predominant culture has once again become the vine.
The cellar took shape and substance and the markets were organized.
After more than a century, the Costa family with the fourth generation is still the owner of the company.

Fundamental to the successes achieved were some cornerstones never questioned in recent years. The peasant humility, the strong attachment to the territory, respect for traditions without ever losing sight of innovation and the will to face ever new challenges.
It was 1995 when we created the first art / wine pairing with the design of the label dedicated to the famous painter Antonio Ligabue causing a sensation and not only .....
It was 2007 when after years of experimentation, the company patents the vinification method without added sulphites.

The head office is in Castellinaldo d'Alba, on the highest hill overlooking the splendid castle. But the vineyards are located in various areas of the Albese territory, both to the left Tanaro, in the Roero, mainly to Castellinaldo and then also to Castagnito, and to the right of the river Tanaro. Teo Costa leads some vineyards in Treiso (in the Barbaresco area) and in Novello (in the Barolo area).
An important structure that has about 50 hectares of vineyards between Roero and Langa where more than 230,000 vines have been planted.
Recently the company has had a further expansion with the purchase of 40 hectares in the Alta Langa.

The Teo Costa Farm produces the typical wines of the Alba area, from Roero Arneis to the Langhe Favorita, from Roero to Nebbiolo d'Alba, from Barbaresco to Barolo to Barbera d'Alba also with the mention "Castellinaldo" that recognizes the particular value of the area; exclusively privileged are the vineyards grown directly, from which the wines marketed with the company brands Selection Teo Costa, Giobbe and Ligabue are born.

Today the two brothers Marco and Roberto Costa lead the company structure, assisted by the other members of the family: father Antonio and mother Mariuccia represent the wisdom and the rural experience.
Then, there is the new generation that advances: the eldest daughter of Nicoletta and Roberto, Isabella, new entry, takes care of the reception in the cellar and collaborates with the administrative management.
Sister Viviana and brother Manuel Antonio study and prepare for tomorrow's challenges.
The Costa family can count on the support of dynamic collaborators who have been involved in the company for a long time.