The Family


Everything began thanks to a man, Antonio Costa, with a white mustache and the biblical name: Job, which for the company Teo Costa was like the spark for the bonfire on the hill. The nickname was attributed to him for the great biblical tenacity and patience he had. The Costa winery towards the end of 1800 has thus become a concrete and exciting reality. Today the farm has a heritage of 80 hectares of vineyards with about 450,000 grapevines. The vineyards are located within the territories of Langa, Roero and Monferrato.
The Teo Costa winery is located in Castellinaldo d'Alba in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Particularly, the Company was among the first to believe in Castellinaldo Barbera d'Alba. The first Castellinaldo produced and bottled dates back to 1993, and some of these historical pieces are still kept in our cellars.
The company has been producing DOC and DOCG wines for generations and is now represented by brothers Marco and Roberto Costa, assisted by the father Antonio and the mother Mariuccia and the sons of Roberto: Isabella, Viviana and Manuel, the latter represent the fifth generation.

Antonio Costa - Teo Costa

Antonio Costa

Maria Costa - Teo Costa

Maria Costa

Roberto Costa - Teo Costa

Roberto Costa

Marco Costa - Teo Costa

Marco Costa

Isabella Costa - Teo Costa

Isabella Costa

Viviana Costa - Teo Costa

Viviana Costa

Manuel Costa - Teo Costa

Manuel Costa