Our Wines

Our Wines

The winery is located in Castellinaldo d'Alba, on the highest hill overlooking the beautiful castle. The vineyards are located within the territories of Langa, Roero and Monferrato and include about 450.000 vines cultivated on a total area of about 80 hectares.

Teo Costa®

The historic brand “Teo Costa” is a tribute to Teobaldo Costa, son of the founder of our company born at the end of '800.

No Contains Added Sulfites

After years of experimentation, we were in 2007 the first company in Piedmont to patented a method of vinification without added sulphites, therefore without preservatives. Under the banner of biodiversity and sustainability in viticulture we created in 2011 along with the other wineries of our village the production protocol "Libera Natura - Free Nature". From the union of these projects was born this line of wines without added sulphites, as close as possible to nature that we have ever been able to create.


This label (the last to be created) represents innovation both from an aesthetic and qualitative point of view. The bottles used in fact resemble small amphorae, the labels are very colorful and recall the wonderful multi-colored vineyards typical of the autumn season. Innovation is also found in the mostly unusual selected vines that represent a pleasant discovery.


The Giobbe brand represents the tradition for us. It’s dedicated to Antonio Costa, called "Giobbe (Job)" for his biblical patience, the founder of our company.