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Controlled and Guaranted Designation of Origin

Barbaresco is certainly the most structured wine, but at the time same more elegant, which is produced today with Nebbiolo grapes in Langa area. The area, with controlled and guaranted designation of origin, is extremely vocated and very limited. The production municipalities in fact are essentially: Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso. In Treiso Teo Costa has identified a hill of particular value, exposed to the South-West, which after five years of experimentation was assumed as emblem for the production of Lancaia.

Type of wine: aged red wine with great structure and longevity.
Vineyard location: Municipality of Treiso, San Rocco Locality.
Soil and exposure: hilly soil with medium consistency characterized by limestone with alkaline pH. Southern exposure.
Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo Lampia.
Care in preparation: careful selection of grapes. Vinification in oak casks with short maceration of skins - with extraction of aromas and tannins - with several punching down.
Alcohol content: 14 % - Acidity 5.4 grams per litre.
Aging: 24 months in big oak barrels. 6 months in bottles.
Type of bottle: old fashioned bottle like in the 50’s 0,75 - 1,5 L.
Packaging: 6-bottles cases (bottles in horizontal position).
Colour: ruby red with garnet red reflections.
Smell: fruity, harmonious and reminiscent of roses and ripe fruit.
Evolution: this wine is at its best after 3-4 years but keeps its excellent quality for 9-10 years and much longer (15 years) in great vintages.
Serving temperature: 17,5 - 18°C

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