Brut Sparkling

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Brut Sparkling

Sparkling wine obtained with the charmat method sparkling process and natural fermentation take place in the autoclave, six months of aging on the yeasts.

Type of wine: Sparkling Brut
Location: Municipality of Castellinaldo, Rondolina Locality.
Soil type / location: Mixed soil, east orientation
Grapes: Autochthonous white vines
Care in the preparation: harvesting in basket, fermentation at controlled temperature, after cryo maceration.
Alcohol content: 11, 5%
Bottle shape: Champagne glass 0,75 - 1,5 L.
Packaging: 6/12 bottles cases.
Colour: pale straw yellow with vibrant green hues
Fragrance: Very delicate and harmonious
Taste: fresh, reminiscent of yeast and bread crust
Consumption: 2 years after bottling
Ideal Serving temperature: 7-9 ° C

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