Moscato Rosè Sparkling Wine

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Moscato Rosè Sparkling Wine

Quality, aromatic and sweet wine

Moscato Nero, it is a rare and very ancient grape variety of Middle Eastern origin, it arrived in Italy with the migrations of the Greeks. It is vinified with cryo maceration and very soft pressing, the result is these intense, floral bubbles and over time also minerals.

Type of wine: young, fresh and very delicate.
Location of the vineyard: Montechiaro d’Acqui.
Structure and type of soil: Loose soil, with an high presence of tufaceous skeleton petrified, silt and limestone.
Variety of grapes: Moscato Nero 100%.
Care in preparation: after careful thinning, harvest in the early morning.
Alcohol content: 6,5% - acidity: 6,00 gr/l.
Ageing: exclusively in steel and glass.
Bottle type: glass champagne bottle 0,75 L
Colour: pale, light pink.
Fragrance: etheric, fragrant and delicately aromatic.
Taste: fine, enthralling and persistent.
Consumption: it expresses its best in the first years of life.
Serving temperature: 6 - 8°C

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