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Bianco Passito

Cascina della Pieve, vineyards in the municipality of Montechiaro d’Acqui, property of TEO COSTA winery, are adjacent to the ancient Pieve del Cauro (7th century A.C). It’s an historical site of the Roman statio of Crixia, along the ancient road that connected the Alpes to the Mediterranean. Loose and mineral soils, with an high presence of tufaceous skeleton petrified, close to the pre-Appennine gullies; they impress naturally extraordinary characters to the wine.

Type of wine:sumptuous wine, complex, mineral , warm and very addictive.
Location of the vineyard: hills at the foot of the Alps.
Structure and type of soil: presence of tufaceous skeleton petrified, silt and limestone.
Variety of grapes: native and semi-aromatic international vines.
Care in preparation: grapes harvested when they reach maximum ripeness and a slight drying.
Alcohol content: 14,5% - acidity: 6,50 gr/l.
Ageing: vinified and aged in barrel and aged in glass.
Bottle type: It reminds the Poirinetta, historical Piedmontese glass container 0,75 - 1,5 L, already used by the royal family of Savoy.
Packing: case of six bottles.
Colour: straw yellow, intense with golden reflections.
Fragrance: complex, rich, enveloping and very persistent.
Taste: ethereal, mineral, reminiscent of very ripe grape must.
Consumption:it rises in the first 4 years of life, remaining at high levels for 6/8 years.
Serving temperature: 10 - 12°C

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